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"How can I recycle my computer, battery, charger, etc?" No problem. We come to your place, pick up the equipment, and recycle it for you.

"How do I make sure my personal data isn't stolen from my computer when I get rid of it?" Smart thinking. We come to you and erase all your personal information thoroughly, keeping your privacy protected.



"I need a laptop with wireless internet ASAP!"

Right now we have new, English-language laptops complete with top-of-the-line software ready for rent or purchase.

Believe it or not, you can’t buy an English language computer anywhere in France. No shops sell them.

We import computers with English Keyboard, English operating system and English Software.

Even if this means jaunting over to London or New York to get the right parts, we do it.

Just contact us using the Instant Advice form to the right or call us at

# Firewall protection
# Fixed windows errors
Before them add
# Laptop hardware problem



"My computer has a virus!"

You're not alone. This is actually the biggest problem users are having around the world. In a flash, Paris IT can come to you and offer:

  • Firewall protection
  • Fixed windows errors
  • Removal of spyware, spam, firewalls issues
  • Recovery of your data
  • Spyware shields & pop-up blockers

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