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Dear 5-Star Hotel Manager,

Paris IT is proud to announce that we have recently signed a partnership deal with one of the top 5 hotels in Paris: Hotel Prince des Galles.

Your guests are professionals who travel with personal computers and PDAs. When these devices fail, that can mean dire consequences for business. With the growing dependence on laptops and PDAs to keep us connected and informed while traveling, it makes sense that the best hotels be the first to provide their guests with repair services. And we believe the smartest way to do that is to outsource this need to a stellar, local IT service.

How it works is simple. The hotel will let guests know about our service and, in turn, we will offer the hotel a percentage of what we make on the call. Everyone benefits from the arrangement: the hotel, the guest, and Paris IT.

Our team speaks English and French and is available 7 days a week for instant appointment. They have a comprehensive knowledge of digital equipment, PCs, Macs, phones, PDAs, blackberries, audio-video systems, online services, and much more. They are discrete, savvy, and professional, having provided service for embassies, royal families, business elites, and celebrities in Paris and Ile de France.

Announcement: Paris IT is proud to announce that they have their first 5-star hotel partnership with one of the top 5 hotels in Paris: Hotel Prince des Galles.

If interested in partnering with Paris IT in the same way, please contact us at:

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